AC/DC 960W DIN-Rail Power Supply LIHF960-23Bxx Series

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Product specs

Weight 980 g
Dimensions 131.50 × 48 × 125 mm
Input Range

120-390Vdc, 85-277Vac




24V, 48V


20A, 40A

Min-Max Tamb (°C)

-40°C, +85°C

Product Description

LIHF960-23Bxx series is Mornsun’s explosion-proof Din-rail power supply. With a peak load capacity of 150%, LIHF240-23Bxx can support heavy loads such as DC motors or capacitive loads. This series is compliant with international standards of IEC/EN/UL/BS EN62368, GB4943, IEC/EN/UL61010, EN61558, EN62477, IEC60079, GB3836, NB/T31017 for EMC and safety. The power supply meets the “ec” increased safety and “nC” isolation short-circuit n-type explosion-proof certification and is suitable for explosive environments where the equipment protection level is Gc in zone 2. Applications include new energy, industrial control equipment, machine control, instrumentation, LED, power, security, 5G communication and other industries.

Key Features

  • Universal 85 – 277VAC or 120 – 390VDC Input voltage
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃to+85℃, full load at 60℃ 
  • Transient peak current function: 6 times rated current for 15ms 
  • Up to 150% (PN) dynamic power for 5s 
  • Continuous static power margin of up to 112%( PN)
  • Support 5+1 bus high precision parallel current sharing
  • Active PFC, PF>0.98 
  • Support DC OK, AC OK, and remote control function
  • Support ModBus communication protocol 
  • Double-sided conformal coating, salt-spray proof, explosion-proof
  • Operating altitude up to 5000m