BLDC Motor Workshop Evaluation Board FOC-EVB

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Product specs

Dimension (L x W x H):

65 x 70 x 29 (mm)


30.0g (not including battery)

Packing List:

Evaluation Board for BLE module BCE-7602-G01 PCBA x1 (including BLE Transparent Transmission module)

Product Description

This evaluation board is designed to make it easier to use the BLE Transparent Transmission module (PRODUCT ID: BCM-7602-G01). This board has been equipped with the BLE Transparent Transmission module, you do not have to purchase separately. The evaluation board has keys, LEDs, battery slot and so on. You only need to download the APP on your mobile phone to connect with the evaluation board.

This product is mainly composed of the following parts:

  • BLE Transparent Transmission module
  • 3 keys (KEY1 ~ KEY3).
  • 3 LEDs (LED1 ~ LED3).
  • Power switch for turning the battery power on / off.
  • Battery slot, located on the back of the product, this product uses two 1.5V AA batteries.

There is a 6-pin pin stick on the evaluation board that is the OCDS (On-Chip-Debug-Support) interface. You can use this interface to connect Holtek’s e-Link emulator or e-WriterPro writer to burn the MCU Program to the MCU on the BLE Transparent Transmission module. However, we recommend that you be properly trained and familiar with the product to suit this operation.