DEPG0270 series E-Paper (264×176) 2.7″

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Product specs

Weight 5.5 g
Dimensions 45.8 × 70.42 mm




Product Description

The DEPG0270 is an Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AM EPD). The 2.7″ active area contains 264×176 pixels. The module is a TFT-array driving electrophoresis display, with integrated circuits including gate driver, source driver, MCU interface, timing controller, oscillator, DC-DC, SRAM, LUT, VCOM.

This device is available in three different options: Black & White (B/W), Black, White & Yellow (B/W/Y) and Black, White & Red (B/W/R)




  • 2.7″ E-Paper Display
  • 264×176 Resolution
  • Dimensions: 45.8mm x 70.42mm
  • Active Area: 38.19mm x 57.28mm
  • Pixel Size: 0.217mm x 0.217mm
  • 118 DPI
  • 175° Viewing Angles
  • Available as (B/W), (B/W/Y) & (B/W/R)