ESTD-206 e-Link adapter cable

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e-Link adapter cable ESTD-206 x 1

Product Description

The Holtek 8-bit MCU debug adapter e-Link is 12-pin interface (2 rows x 6 pins header), the e-Link packing list includes a 12-pin flat cable to connect e-Link to the target board. That is, the target board needs to leave space for a 12-pin header. Or, leave only a 4-pin header space for the debug/programming signals (power, ground, clock, data) and use jumpers for the connection, and, remember the signals, don’t get wrong connections.

One end of this cable ESTD-206 is the 12-pin e-Link interface, and the other end is the micro USB connector. It connects the four debug/programming signals to the micro USB. The target board needs to leave a micro USB space instead of the 12-pin or 4-pin header space. And then use this cable to connect the e-Link and the target board.

Then, what should be remembered is, this micro USB is used for debug/programming, not for connecting to a computer.