Holtek LED Workshop MCU Board ESK-LED-100

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Product specs


99 x 95 x 17 (mm)



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LED Workshop MCU Board ESK-LED-100 x 1

Product Description

The HT16D35x LED Workshop is one of the development tools provided by Holtek. It is convenient for users to use LED EV Board, LED Editor program and LED Workshop program to simulate the LED display effect and shorten the development cycle. The edited MCU code, which includes the graphic data and MCU program, can be downloaded to the LED EV Board by the HT-IDE3000 and e-Link.

The ESK-LED-100, which has internal integrated HT66V2390 MCU, can work together with the LED EV board.


  • Supply voltage: +5V
  • Display data can be stored in MCU or external flash memory
  • LED board connector can connect any of the 4 LED boards