HT32F61357 Music Synthesizer MCU development board ESK32-30617S

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139 x 64 x 15 (mm)

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HT32F61357 development board ESK32-30617S x 1, Nylon hexagon posts x 4

Product Description

The ESK32-30617S is a development board for Holtek Music Synthesizer MCU HT32F61357. It is convenient for users to develop MIDI / sound-related products with the Holtek music development platform Audio Workshop.

The Audio Workshop has internal integrated a wide variety of editing functions, such as MIDI, Sound, Effect, Sentence, etc., which can be quickly configured to generate target code. With the Audio Workshop, users do not need to write the program codes. The Audio Workshop provide tone editing function. Users can replace with their own tone for tone ADSR parameter adjustment to update tone parameters and simulate tone effects in time.

The MIDI / sound effect evaluation and simulation can be quickly implemented when users connect the micro USB of the ESK32-30617S to computer and work with the Audio Workshop.


  • Power supply by USB
  • Editable MIDI
  • The Audio Workshop contains loading and editing MIDI functions (not includes MIDI2)
  • Audio output configuration and MIDI interface configuration
  • Tone parameters editing and replacing
  • With the Audio Workshop, users do not need to write the program codes