HT66F0185 DEV Board DEV28SSOP185

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Product specs


50 x 20 x 11 (mm)



Packing List:

HT66F0185 DEV board x 1, 5-pin 90-degree header (pitch 2.54mm) x 1, 14-pin 180-degree header (pitch 2.54mm) x 2

Product Description

The Holtek HT66F0185 development board series makes it easy to start using the Holtek MCU. It is used with e-Link for code debugging and MCU programming. The following is a brief description of how to use.

MCU: The MCU on this DVE board is the HT66V0185, which has the same function as the HT66F0185, and has the extra OCDS (on-chip-debug-support) function that can work with e-Link for program debugging.

Power supply: 5V voltage can be supplied from the USB interface; through a voltage regulator 3.3V is generated. You may select 5V or 3.3V as the DEV board power supply with the yellow jumper cap. You may use e-Link as an alternative power source, which allows you to set any voltage value in the Holtek HT-IDE3000 software. The power indicator LED will light up when power is applied.

Development environment: Connect the DEV board to e-Link and use the HT-IDE3000 for program development and debugging.


  • Power supply: 5V, 3.3V, or external
  • Use with e-Link debug adaptor and HT-IDE3000 software for code debugging
  • Direct connection to e-Link without wiring
  • Use e-Link or e-WriterPro for MCU programming
  • Preloaded LED breathing light demo code, easy to check board status