HT66FB550 OCDSEV USB MCU evaluation board ESK66FB-200

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Product specs

Evaluation Board Dimension:

55 x 90 x 15 mm

Cable Dimension:

1800 mm (approximate length)

Evaluation Board Net Weight:


Cable Net Weight:


Packing List:

HT66FB550 OCDSEV evaluation board ESK66FB-200 x 1, – USB cable x 1

Product Description

The ESK66FB-200 is the evaluation board for Holtek USB MCU HT66FB550 OCDSEV. It is convenient for users to work with Holtek development platform, the USB MCU Workshop. The ESK66FB-200 is equipped with four Keys, four LEDs and one Seven Segment LED and it can do simulation debugging online when match with e-Link.

The USB MCU Workshop can be used to construct different kinds of USB application programs such as those for mass data transmission, virtual COM ports, to name but a few. It provides a series of user dialogs to guide users to build their USB application projects step by step. It can automatically setup all the resources that USB applications need, including programs for both the device end and the host end. Users then can execute the IDE3000, and using the correct ICE hardware to begin USB communication.

Connect the ESK66FB-200 board to a PC, it can try the man-machine communication by using the simple application examples provided by the USB Workshop, and users can do an assessment for the function and feature of the USB MCU Workshop.