Miniature Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors Low impedance 105℃- KZE Series

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Product specs




6.8uF, 6,800uF

Min-Max Tamb (°C)

-40°C, +105°C

Product Description

EASBY Electronics stock a wide range of Electrolytic Capacitors from the Nippon Chemi-Con KZE Series.

Capacitance ranging from 6.8uf to 6,800uF and Voltage from 6.3-100Vdc. This 2,000-5,000 Hour 105C rated series is an excellent price option for all designs.

Please call the office or email to discuss your requirements and projects.

  • Newly innovative electrolyte is employed to minimize impedance
  • Endurance with ripple current: 2,000 to 5,000 hours at 105℃
  • Non solvent resistant type
  • RoHS2 Compliant