PCB Terminals and Solder tags

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Product Description

PCB Terminals and Solder tags from Vogt cover an extensive range of conventional parts and sit at the heart of Vogt’s core product range. This extensive range from Vogt is available through Easby Electronics.

Mounting Tabs for PCB – 2.8mm, 4.8mm and 6.3mm – vertical and right angle, in both male and female.

The main stay of PCB tag’s, both convention, loose or wired with a wide range of both base material and surface platings including plating for reflow soldering.

Screw Tabs and Tab Blocks –  2.8mm, 4.8mm and 6.3mm in a wide range of options. Screwable and weldable. Tab Blocks – 6.3mm – 2 ⁓ 10 contacts in a wide range of options, base materials and plating. Insulated parts also.

Solder Lugs and IDC Contacts – varied styles from < 1.3mm hole size. Loose, wired and chain form. Base material Bronze or Brass with a wide range of surface platings.

Fuse Holders and Wire-Wrap Pins – Fuse holders from 5mm, 6.3mm and 8.5mm diameter 6A max. Wire wrap pins are widely used in areas of vibration or physical stress. Available in Bronze, Copper and brass with a wide range of surface platings.

Solder Tags and Plugs – Vogt offer a wide range of solder tags and plugs. Sizes from 1.6mm diameter to 19mm.  In Brass or Steel with a range of surface platings. Solder plugs for coils are available in Bronze and Brass and a range of surface platings.

Battery Snaps and Terminals – Vogt offer a range of battery terminals, PCB mount clip and spring versions, also flying leads. The range covers 9v, AAA & AA batteries.

Vogt’s range of products are of a high tolerance with a fully finished surface.



  • PCB Mounting Tabs
  • Screw Tabs and Blocks
  • Fuse Holders
  • Solder Pins
  • Bridge Connectors
  • Solder Tags & Plugs
  • Collar Sleeves
  • Contact Parts
  • Battery Snaps and Terminals