RET025664D series 256×64 COF OLED 146.0mm x 45.0mm (5.5″)

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Product specs

Dimensions 146.0 × 45.0 mm



6800, 8080, SPI



Product Description

The RET025664D series is a large 5.5″ Chip-On-Flex OLED  offering 256×64 pixels within a 137.65mm x 35.89mm viewable area, it comes with an integrated SSD1322UR1 IC that supports greyscaling, and is available in either Green or Yellow.


We also have a 2.8″ version (RET025664A series) and 3.12″ version (RET025664B series) which are both also available in Blue and White






  • 256×64 Graphic COF OLED
  • Size: 5.5″
  • Available in Green or Yellow
  • Dimensions: 146.0mm x 45.0mm
  • Viewing Area: 137.65mm x 35.89mm
  • Active Area: 135.65mm x 33.89mm
  • Dot Size: 0.5mm x 0.5mm
  • Dot Pitch: 0.53mm x 0.53mm
  • 6800, 8080 & SPI Interface
  • Power Supply: 3V
  • IC: SSD1322UR1 which supports greyscaling
  • Standard Operating Temperature of -40°C to +80°C