RF Receiver Development Board BCE-GENTrx8-A01

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72 x 50 x 30 (mm)

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RF Receiver Development Board BCE-GENTrx8-A01 x 1 (Note: RF receiver module not included.)

Product Description

The BCE-GENTrx8-A01 is a RF Receiver development board which is used with the RF Receiver Module BCM-2302-X01. It is designed and produced by BESTCOMM Inc., and the HT66F019 example program is provided by Holtek.

The BCE-GENTrx8-A01 provides a fast way to start evaluating the RF receiver modules. With OOK modulation RF transmitter module (such as BCM-68F2130-X02, BCR-68F2130-X01, BCM-2102-X03), you can have a set of 433MHz one-way RF transmitter/receiver. The BCE-GENTrx8-A01 uses Holtek MCU HT66F0619 as the master controller to drive the receiver modules as well as key detection and status indication (LED). This board includes the following parts.

  1. Event trigger keys – KEY1, KEY2 and KEY3 : Together with the BCM-2302-X01 receiver module the development board will enter the code matching status if KEY1 is pressed when powered on.
  2. Status indicators – LED1, LED2 and LED3 : Together with the BCM-2302-X01 receiver module, if LED1 continuously flashes, it indicates a code matching status. In the data receiving status LED1~LED3 will illuminate according to the received data.
  3. Master control device – HT66F019 : The HT66F019 will drive the RF receiver module, detect the keys status and update the LED status.
  4. Voltage regulator devices – HT7550 and HT7533 : The module operating voltage can be selected using jumper J1 for different applications.
  5. Mode select switch – SW1 : SW1 is connected to the MCU I/O pins, PC0, PC1, PB1 and PB2 to select the different operating modes.
  6. Power supply switch and indicator – S1 and LED4 : Push S1 up to power on the board.
  7. Programming interface – P4 : Use the Holtek IDE-3000 development system and the e-Link to develop the desired program.
  8. RF receiver module – BCM-2302-X01 (need to buy separately) : The RF signal can be received by setting the RF parameters together with the data packet decoding program.
  9. Antenna : Use an antenna with a frequency band impedance of 50Ω. It is necessary to change the antenna for different application frequencies.
  10. External pin header– P2 : The BCE_GENTrx8-A01 is compatible with multiple modules including BCM-2102-C04, BCM-2401-C04 and BCM-2302-SD1. It is necessary to update the HT66F019 driver program to control other modules to what is described above.
  11. External pin header– P1_2 : The BCE_GENTrx8-A01 is compatible with 2.4GHz RF transceiver module BM5602-60-1. It is necessary to update the HT66F019 driver program before using it.


  • Power supply : 9-volt battery