SirettaLINK SL500 Low Power 4G, LTE Category 1 Intelligent Industrial Modem

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Product specs

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 93 × 67 × 28 mm
Operating Temperature Range:

-40 to +85 deg C

Product Description

The Siretta SL500 solutions are intelligent modems that have been designed to connect remote equipment over a TCP/IP connection to a central location using RS232 serial. Very little knowledge is required to set up and configure the SL500 solution, the unit can be set up to operate ‘out-of-the-box’ and configured remotely via the SirettaLINK management portal.

The SL500 modems use an embedded STM32F405 ARM® Cortex® M4 core processor to implement advanced functionality for the SirettaLINK solution. The processor runs an application that connects the SL500 modem to the SirettaLINK Management Portal using an encrypted link, where it downloads the configuration profile for connecting to the users specified resource and posts operational data.

The SL500 modem has been designed to operate permanently in an ‘ON line’ state, with the option of ‘Sleep Mode’, offering a lower power solution than other connected devices available on the market. The modem will use higher power in its standard operating state for sending and receiving data but can operate at extremely low power in ‘Sleep Mode’ which can reduce the overall power consumption in some applications by up to 75%.

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  • Optimised for LTE networks
  • European frequency band support
    • 6 Bands: 4G / LTE: B1(2100), B3(1800), B7(2600), B8(900), B20(800), B28A(700) MHz
    • 3 Bands: 3G / UMTS B1(2100), B3(1800), B8(900) MHz
    • 2 Bands: 2G / GSM | GPRS: B3(1800), B8(900)
    • LTE FDD Category 1
    • 3GPP release 9 compliant
  • LTE Cat 1 support
  • 2G EGPRS fallback when LTE is unavailable
  • Data rates up to 230.4kbps


Featured Applications 

  • Car Parking Payment
  • Retail Kiosks
  • Security / Fire Alarm Systems
  • Gaming Machines
  • Healthcare
  • Elevator Systems
  • Payment Systems
  • Energy / Water Utilities
  • Fridge / Freezer Monitoring
  • Temperature Audit Trail