TDS Module ESK-TDS-66F0176

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Product specs

TDS Module Board Dimension:

34 x 32 x 16(mm)

TDS Module Board Weight:


TDS sensor probe Length:

537.5 mm (not including the electrode)

TDS sensor probe Weight:


TDS sensor probe Connector:

XH2.5-2P x 2 (blue wire for TDS, red wire for NTC temperature sensor)

TDS sensor probe Electrode:


Packing List:

TDS module board x 1, TDS sensor probe (TDS-37) x 1

Product Description

TDS Workshop is one of the development tools provided by Holtek. It is convenient for users to develop TDS related products and shorten the development cycle. The TDS platform integrates the rich functions of TDS measurement, temperature measurement, key, display, communication etc. It can quickly configure and generate target code. The TDS platform also provides a calibration monitoring window to calibrate the monitoring data conveniently, and provides four platform examples for users to reference design or use directly.

ESK-TDS-66F0176 is the TDS Development Board – TDS Module (HT66F0176) (sub-board).
The development board can be connected to the TDS Display Board (motherboard) to verify and test with the TDS Workshop software, and to help users develop TDS related products quickly, which greatly improves the development efficiency and reduces the development cost.


  • Input voltage: 3.3V – 5V
  • TDS measuring range: 0 – 2000 ppm
  • TDS accuracy: ±5% F.S.
  • Temperature measuring range: 0 – 99°C; (0 – 60°C if you use TDS-37 probe, according to the TDS-37 specification)
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1%
  • TDS sensor probe connector: XH2.5-2P (2.5mm)