TNSA2092 Class D Audio Amplifier Driver

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Product specs


SOIC16 (S)

External Reference Voltage


Noise Immunity

> 50 V/ns

Temperature Range

-40 ℃ ~125 ℃

Output Power


Switching Frequency


Product Description

The TNSA2092 is a high voltage, high performance Class D audio amplifier driver with PWM modulator and protection. Whilst designed for Class D audio amplifier systems that require large output power, this device is also ideal for motor control, air conditioning and general purpose Inverter applications.

Key Features

  • Error Amplifier Open Loop gain >60dB
  • High Noise Immunity >50V/ns
  • Operates up to 800KHz
  • Wide Temperature Range -40C to +125C
  • Up to 500W output power