Touch MCU evaluation board kit ESK-BS-210

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Product specs

Lower Board Dimensions:

55 x 95 x 16 (mm)

Upper Board Dimensions:

35 x 60 x 13(mm)

Lower Board Net weight:


Upper Board Net weight:

14.3g, 14.5g

Packing List

Evaluation Lower Board ESK-BS-200 x 1, Evaluation Upper Board ESK-BS83-B16 x 1, Evaluation Upper Board ESK-BS83-B12 x 1

Product Description

The ESK-BS-210 is a Touch MCU Workshop programming development platform for Holtek’s Touch MCU. It includes an integrated touch key software library and a a package of tuning software. With a few simple steps, it is easy for users to set up their projects.

This product package includes a lower board, the ESK-BS-200, as well as two upper boards, the ESK-BS83-B16 and the ESK-BS83-B12.

When working with Touch MCU Workshop, please connect the lower board to the e-Link for programming. After programming, connecting the lower board to the BS-eBridge for touch key tuning adjustment.