UK Plug KE-108 Series

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Product Description

The KE-108 from Kenic is a re-wireable UK plug. BS 1363/A standard with a 13A Plug. Rated current – 3A, 5A, 10A & 13A @250V. Applications include Class I & II equipment. Available with cords – H03/05VV-F, H03/05VVH2-F, H05RN-F/H05RR-F, H03RT-H and H07RN-F. Conductor Area – 2X0.75mm²,  2X1.00mm²,  3X0.75mm²,  3X1.00mm².

  • Standard – BS1363/A
  • Rated Current – 3A, 5A, 10A & 13A @250V
  • Rewireable
  • Applications – Class 1 & 11 Equipment

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