ALPHA Adhesive Antenna

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Product Description

The ALPHA range of Adhesive Antennas from Siretta are easily securely mounted without the need to drill any holes. The ALPHA range is tuned to both short and long range frequencies with size options making the ALPHA suitable for many applications. Each ALPHA is tuned to a set or individual frequencies, with some covering up to 6 frequencies. The ALPHA is perfect for multiple wireless communication technologies. The ALPHA range is versatile, low cost, easily fitted, exterior antennas rated up to IP67. Options on the cable and fitting connections allow flexibility on locating the antenna in an optimum position for signal reception. SMA, BCN,MCX and FME. Great for mobile or tracking applications.



  • Adhesive Mounting
  • UP to IP67
  • Combined
  • ISM, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN
  • Compact/ low profile
  • Blade, Puck, T-Bar, Dipole & Magmount