Snyper LTE Graphyte – Network Analyser

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Product specs

Weight 207 g
Dimensions 141 × 79 × 36 mm

Product Description

The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte is a high performance, multi-language network signal analyser and cellular signal logger, dedicated to surveying and logging the LTE Category M (GL), LTE Category NB IoT* & 2G/GSM Global networks.

The unit can be left to conduct sequential surveys in a fixed location and automatically saving them. Three types of survey can be performed: LTE Category M only, LTE Category NB IoT* only & 2G/GSM only.

SNYPER-LTE Graphyte can save multiple surveys each with different logging options and all survey results can be downloaded to a PC and displayed in a HTML graphical format to clearly show the logged detail over the survey session. This can identify unreliable base-stations & intermittent cellular service which is not possible with spot surveys. The full breakdown for the HTML summary graphs are displayed in corresponding CSV files (Summary and full detail files).

The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte also incorporates Siretta’s leading liveSCAN feature, which allows you to select a base-station signal immediately after a survey, conduct a liveSCAN logging session which can later be analysed in a CSV logged recording. (NOTE: Currently only supported on 2G/GSM)

The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte is an invaluable tool for understanding local network performance over hours, days and weeks to assist in the selection of reliable mobile network operators before cellular installations.

Supplied with a rugged hardcase, USB cable and USB car charger.

  • Enhanced cellular surveying & sequential logging of new and existing installations on LTE Category M, LTE Category NB IoT and 2G networks
  • User selectable survey logging options to determine most suitable & reliable mobile operator
  • Evaluate “preferred” MNO’s performance over time
  • Determines “hotspots” & assist with antenna alignment, through Siretta’s liveSCAN feature
  • Results are reported in CSV & graphical HTML format
  • Save over 100 logged surveys with multiple liveSCAN logs


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  • 13 Supported Bands LTE (MHz):
    B1 (2100) / B2 (1900) / B3(1800) / B4 (AWS 1700) /
    B5 (850) / B8 (900) / B12 (700) / B13 (700) / B18 (800)/
    B19 (800) / B20 (800) / B26 (850) / B28 (700)
    4 Supported Bands GSM / GPRS (MHz):
  • B2 (1900) / B3 (1800) / B5 (850) / B8 (900) MHz
  • View LTE Cat M and 2G/GSM signal strength and cell parameters
  • View NB IoT cell parameters
  • Omni-directional antenna: 700MHz to 2300MHz
  • Presets for survey cycles(10) & survey intervals(12)

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