G3VM Mosfet Relays

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Product specs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Contact Arrangement

SPST (1NO)- 1 Form A

Load Voltage (V) Max

40V, 60V, 350V

Continuous load curr (mA)Max

120, 300, 500

Dielec strength between I/O(Vrms)

1500 Vrms, 2500 Vrms

Cap between terminals (pF)

10pf, 30pf, 70pf, 130pf

Max res with output ON Typ

1Ω, 15Ω, 35Ω

Product Description

OMRON’s MOS FET Relays lead the industry in optical semiconductor technology, utilizing an input LED, Photodiode
Dome Array (PDA) used as photocoupler and MOS FET chip in the load switching current.
In addition to being maintenance free, the MOS FET relay features high-speed operation and compact size, further
promoting the replacement of mechanical relays.
Omron is expanding its wide range of products, from the industry’s smallest class* new package (S-VSON/VSON) to
our high current, high dielectric strength, and high sensitivity models.


  • Long terminals for ideal for soldering and mounting reliability. (Surface
    mounting terminal models)
  • Space-saving inside-L terminal. (Surface mounting terminal models)
  • Unique terminal structure, designed to withstand IRS soldering
    processes. (Surface mounting terminal models)
  • High dielectric strength (2,000 VAC) and impulse withstand voltage
    between coil and contacts (2,500 V, 2 × 10 μs: Telcordia requirements).
  • Ultra-miniature at 9.4 mm (H) × 7.5 mm (W) × 15 mm (L).
  • Models available with BSI (EN62368-1) supplementary insulation
    certification. (-Y type)