G6B High Dielectric Power Relay

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Product specs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Coil Voltage

5Vdc, 6Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc

Contact Arrangement

SPST (1NO) + SPST (1NC), DPST (2NO) -2 Form A, DPST (2NC) -2 Form B, SPST (1NO)- 1 Form A

Coil Type

Non Latching, 1 Coil Latching, 2 Coil Latching

Contact Rating (Amps)

2A, 5A, 8A


Flux Proof, Fully Sealed

Contact Material

Ag Alloy, AgSnIn, Au Alloy + Ag

Coil Resistance (Ohm)

116Ω, 120Ω, 128.5Ω, 1920Ω, 2060Ω, 2120, 480Ω, 515Ω, 610Ω, 83.3Ω, 89.2Ω, 125Ω, 180Ω, 720Ω, 2880Ω




Power Relay

Product Description

The G6B relay from Omron is a very versitile relay offering SPST(NO), SPST(no)+SPST(NC), DPST_NO and DPST (NC) types.

Offers high insulation with dielectric strength of 3,000VAC between coil and contacts.

  • Compact single pole relay.
  • Excellent switching performance for a variety of loads.
  • Small, yet provide 8-kV impulse withstand voltage (between coil
    and contacts).
  • Low coil power consumption (SPST-NO: 200 mW, SPDT: 400 mW)
  • Coil insulation system: Class F (UL1446).
  • IEC/EN 60335-1 conformed. (-HA Model)