Lithium-Ion Super Pulse Battery Capacitor

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Product specs


Lithium Ion


0.5A/2A, 0.75A/3A, 2A/5A, 15mAh

Nominal Voltage


Product Description

The Lithium-Ion Super Pulse Capacitor (SPC) series of batteries from EVE is an energy storage device with the latest and cutting-edge technologies. With SPC, EVE offer a power solution for lifespan, with high pulse current drain and passivation sensitive application. The SPC cells are to be used in conjunction with the Lithium Thionyl Chloride (ER-EVE) batteries. Applications include

  • Smart metering
  • Automatic Reading Systems
  • IoT
  • RFID Radio Frequency Systems
  • GPS Tracking Equipment
  • GSM Modems and Tracking.

A full profile from EVE is available from stock at Easby, please contact our sales for further details on

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Lithium-Ion Super Pulse Capacitor

  • Nominal Voltage 3.6V (3.9V Max)
  • High Power Capacity
  • High Current Pulses
  • Long Operating Life
  • Wide Operating Temp Range  -40 to +85ºC
  • Extremely Low Self Discharge
  • High Security and Reliability

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