REC000802A series 8×2 Character OLED (58.0mm x 32.0mm)

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Product specs

Dimensions 58 × 32 mm


Emitting Colour

Blue, Green, White, Yellow


6800, 8080, SPI



Product Description

The REC000802A series Chip-On-Board Passive Matrix OLED offers 8×2 characters .With an active area of 28.16mm x 11.86mm within a viewable area of 38.0mm x 16.0mm

Available in a choice of Blue, Green, White or Yellow

The onboard RS0010 also allows for 4 font sets, these are English/Japanese, West European, Scandinavian European, and Cyrillic




  • 8×2 Chip-On-Board OLED
  • Dimensions: 58.0mm x 32.0mm
  • Viewing Area: 38.0mm x 16.0mm
  • Fast Response Times
  • High Contrast
  • 175° Viewing Angles
  • Standard Operating Temperature of -40°C to +80°C

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