REG005016A series 50×16 COB OLED (58.0mm x 32.0mm)

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Product specs

Dimensions 58 × 32 mm



6800, 8080, SPI



Product Description

The REG005016A series is a Chip-On-Board OLED offering 50×16 pixels, with an active area of 29.96mm x 11.16mm within a viewable area of 38.0mm x 16.0mm, it comes with an integrated RS0010 IC, and is available in Blue, Green, White or Yellow

This graphic display has the same footprint as the character based REC000802A series (OLED) and also the RC0802A1 series (LCD)



  • 50×16 Graphic OLED
  • Available in Blue, Green, White or Yellow
  • Dimensions: 58.0mm x 32.0mm
  • Viewing Area: 38.0mm x 16.0mm
  • RS0010 IC on-board
  • Standard Operating Temperature of -40°C to +80°C

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