SMD PCB Terminals

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Product Description

SMD PCB Terminals from Vogt cover five core technologies offering greater flexibility and choice. The full range of Vogt’s SMD components is available through Easby Electronics.

SMD PCB Tabs – base material Brass with Tin plated reflow plating or clean. 6.3×0.8mm. Available in either loose or tape and reel.

SMD Contact Springs – base material Beryllium Copper or Stainless Steel with Gold plate or clean. 2.5mm tall. Loose.

SMD Fuse Holders – base material Bronze with pure Tin plate, 5mm diameter. Available loose or tape and reel.

SMD Solder Bridges – base material Copper with pure Tin plate, loose.

SMD Screw Fixings – base material Brass with pure Tin plate or clean. M4. Available loose or tape and reel.

Surface mounted components offer a cost-effective solution with greater production speeds and also enables both sides of the PCB to be processed.


  • SMD Contact Springs
  • SMD Fuse Holders
  • SMD Solder Bridges
  • SMD Screw Fixings