SMD Resettable Fuse HSMD1812 Series

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Product specs

Dimensions N/A

8.0Vdc, 16Vdc, 24Vdc, 33Vdc

Hold Current

0.05A, 1.10A, 1.50A, 2.00A

Trip Current

1.00A, 2.20A, 3.20A, 4.00A

Product Description

The HSMD is a SMD resettable fuse from Hollyfuse.  Voltage 6.00 ⁓ 60V DC. Safety approvals include TÜV, UR & CUR.

  • Package – 1812
  • Mximum Voltage 60VDC
  • Temperature Range -40° to 86°C
  • Agency Recognition – TÜV (R 50243656) UR (E336688) CUR (E336688)

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