Resettable 30VDC Fuse PSM Series

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Product specs

Dimensions N/A


Hold Current

0.10A, 0.15A, 0.30A, 0.40A, 0.50A, 0.65A, 0.70A, 0.90A, 1.10A, 1.35A, 1.60A, 1.85A, 2.50A, 3.00A, 4.00A, 5.00A, 6.00A, 7.00A, 8.00A, 9.00A, 10.00A, 11.00A, 12.00A

Trip Current

0.20A, 0.30A, 0.60A, 0.80A, 1.00A, 1.30A, 1.40A, 1.80A, 2.20A, 2.70A, 3.20A, 3.70A, 5.00A, 6.00A, 8.00A, 10.00A, 12.00A, 14.00A, 16.00A, 18.00A, 20.00A, 22.00A, 24.00A

Product Description

The PSM is a low voltage resettable fuse from Hollyfuse.  With a high hold current the solid state radial leaded fuse is ideal up to 30V DC. Safety approvals include TÜV, UR & CUR.

  • Operation Current 0.1A – 12.00A
  • Mximum Voltage 30VDC
  • Temperature Range -40° to 86°C
  • Agency Recognition – TÜV (R 50243656) UR (E336688) CUR (E336688)

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