TST040HDBY 4″ Square TFT Display Module (720×720 pixels)

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Product specs

Dimensions 72.58 × 72.58 mm
Display Size








Product Description

Easby Electronics are able pleased to offer the TST040HDBY device from Team Source Displays. This square display offers 720×720 pixels within an active area of 72.58mm x 72.58mm, and is an IPS panel, which allows for excellent contrast and all round viewing angles. With an integrated YY1821 IC, this device has two variants, one with SPI & RGB interface, and another with the increasingly popular MIPI interface

As standard, this device has a luminous intensity of 300nits, we can though discuss a custom option backlight or FFC to suit your requirements if you need something a little different from the standard.

Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens are available upon request

As we have several different options for this type of product, please contact our sales office on +44 (0) 1748 850555 or send an email to displays@easby.com for further details to ensure we help select the device that is perfect for your application

  • 4″ TFT
  • Square
  • 720×720 Pixels
  • Overall Dimensions: 74.83mm x 78.98mm
  • Active Area: 72.58mm x 72.58mm
  • IPS Technology
  • YY1821 IC
  • SPI, RGB or MIPI Interface
  • Luminous Intensity: 300nits
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Resistive (RTP) or Capacitive (CTP) available
  • Custom backlight or FFC available