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Product specs

Dimensions 61.5 × 25.0 mm

Product Description

The 2JCIE-EV01-AR1 is an evaluation board for the Arduino platform, it easily allows the user to easily implement development of a new IoT system that senses a wide variety of environmental information.

Sensing data that can be acquired: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric Pressure, Noise, 3-Axis Acceleration

We are also able to supply the 2JCIE-EV01-RP1 for the Raspberry Pi platform, if preferred.

  • Supported Platform: Arduino
  • Models: MKR Vidor 4000/MKR WiFi 1010/MKR ZERO
  • Protocol: Shield for MKR form factor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Noise
  • 3-Axis Acceleration
  • Maximum Current: 700mA


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