DC Contactor – C320 series

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Product Description

The bidirectional DC contactors of the C320 series extend the application range of the successful C310 and C360 series. The compact devices switch even higher powers. With a rated short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 3,000 amps, the contactors are suitable for applications with high inrush currents. The devices can permanently conduct up to 1,000 amps – thanks to high contact forces with measurably less heating in the main contact system. In the event of a short circuit, as much as 4,500 amps may flow for 100 milliseconds without the contacts welding. This means that the contactor retains its full function in order to disconnect large powers when required, regardless of the direction of the current. This excellent breaking capacity is made possible by an efficient ceramic arc chamber with generously dimensioned air gaps.


  • Compact dimensions — high rated insulation voltage Ui up to 1,800 volts
  • High thermal continuous current Ith up to 1,000 amps
  • High making capacity Icm up to 4,000 amps and an excellent breaking capacity
  • Low energy consumption and low heating thanks to sophisticated coil saving circuit
  • Full bidirectionality — safe disconnection of high powers
  • Auxiliary switches with mirror contact function


Type of voltage DC bidirectional
Main contacts, configuration 1 NO
Rated operating voltage Ue C320K/1000: 1.500 V
C320S/1000: 60 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1,800 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 10 kV
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
Conv. thermal current Ith 1,000A @ 70° C
Rated short-time withstand current Icw 4,500 A @ t = 100 ms
Breaking capacity C320K/1000: 30 operations @ Ue=1,500 V / Ie = 800 A / L/R: 0,15 ms
C320S/1000: 30 operations @ Ue=60 V / Ie = 2,200 A
(more can be found in the catalogue)
Auxiliary switch 4x SPDT max. with mirror contact function, single-break
Snap-action switches S870: AC-15: 230 VAC/1.5 A; DC-13: 60 VDC/0.5 A
Coil voltage Us 24 V DC
Coil tolerance 16 … 36 V DC
Mounting orientation horizontal, vertical
(do not mount upside down)
Temperature range -40° C … +85° C
Mechanical endurance 300,000 op. cycles


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