DC Contactor – AFS series

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Product Description

The AFS is a family of low voltage DC Contactors from Schaltbau. The AFS range covers 80A, 150A to 250A, with single and double pole N/O, single pole C/O and latching, also 2 and 4 pole motor reversing options too.  With renewable energies and the introduction of DC networks in manufacturing, the switching of high DC loads is gaining in significance, Schaltbau are developing reliable contactors for all fields of use in which load circuits have to be switched on and disconnected securely. The variety of DC and AC contactors ranges from contactors for battery voltages through to power contactors up to 4,800 V and 1,100 A.

  • DC Contactor Range 6 – 96V
  • 80A, 150A 250A
  • Comprehensive standard product range
  • Over 2000 standard references
  • Manufacture to customer specification
  • Prototyping & Product Development
  • Low & High volume production runs
  • DC Contactor Repair Kits