Mechanical Elements and Rivets

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Product Description

Mechanical elements and Rivet technology from Vogt cover many varied parts and applications. The full range from Vogt is available through Easby Electronics.

PCB Spacers  – Metal and Plastic with internal or external threads also push-fit.

PCB spacers lock individual components at a defined distance. They are usually attached by internal and/or external threaded fittings. The range offers both metal and plastic elements or a combination of both.

Spacer Sleeves – Stainless Steel, Brass and Insulated

Spacer sleeves perform the same task, but without their own attachment. They serve as pure spacer elements. The crimping sleeves are identical to the spacer sleeves in appearance, the only difference is that they also, due to the soft materialisation, can be used for crimping.

Cable Clips and Clamping Clips – Stainless Steel, Brass – various options on plating material. With a full range of washers.

Cable clamps, clamping disks, and washers fasten cables or wires to a defined location and secure them against undesired tensile forces.

Tubular Rivets – Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Steel options, 0.8 ⁓ 5mm Diameter.

Rivets permanently connect two form-locking materials together without any surface damage.

Blind Rivets – Aluminum sleeve with Steel Zinc plate stem and Stainless Steel sleeve with Stainless Steel stem.

Blind rivets are also used for permanent connections. This technology is used when the parts to be joined can only be accessed from one side.

Blind Rivet Nuts – in sizes M3 to M16 for insertion of stable threaded fittings into thin-walled materials or hollow profiles complete the product line.

Vogt’s manufacturing is carried out with common metals in accordance with the typical DIN standards or specific requirements.



  • PCB Spacers
  • PCB Spacer Sleeves
  • Cable & Clamping Clips
  • Blind Rivets
  • Blind Rivet Nuts
  • Tubular Rivets