REA025664A series 256×64 COG OLED 70.0mm x 22.0mm (2.08″)

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Product specs

Dimensions 70.0 × 22.0 mm






Product Description

The REA025664A series is a 2.08″ Chip-On-Glass on PCB OLED  offering 256×64 pixels within a 53.18mm x 14.78mm viewable area, it comes with an integrated SSD1362 IC that supports greyscaling, and is available in either White or Yellow. This device has an SPI interface


This device is also available as a “solder straight on” version, which is part number REX025664A-Hotbar, or with a ZIF friendly FPC which is part number REX025664A-ZIF






  • 256×64 Graphic OLED on PCB
  • Size: 2.08″
  • Available in White or Yellow
  • Dimensions: 70.0mm x 22.0mm
  • Viewing Area: 53.18mm x 14.78mm
  • Active Area: 51.18mm x 12.78mm
  • Dot Size: 0.18mm x 0.18mm
  • Dot Pitch: 0.20mm x 0.20mm
  • SPI Interface
  • Power Supply: 3V
  • IC: SSD1362 which supoprts greyscaling
  • Standard Operating Temperature of -40°C to +80°C