RX24064B series 240×64 Chip-On-Glass LCD 142.5mm x 51.7mm

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Product specs

Dimensions 142.5 × 51.7 mm



6800, 8080, SPI



Product Description

The RX24064B series is a standard Chip-On-Glass LCD offering 240×64 pixels within a 129.0mm x 37.6mm viewable area, with a built in ST7586S-G4 controller (or equivalent)

Available in either STN, FSTN or Blue-STN Technologies, a wide range of backlight colours are available.









  • 240×64 Graphic LCD
  • Chip-On-Glass
  • Available in STN, FSTN or Blue-STN
  • Positive or Negative Mode
  • Reflective, Transflective or Transmissive polarisers available
  • Dimensions: 142.5mm x 51.7mm
  • Viewing Area: 129.0mm x 37.6mm
  • Active Area: 127.17mm x 33.89mm
  • Dot Size: 0.50mm x 0.50mm
  • Dot Pitch: 0.53mm x 0.53mm
  • 6800, 8080 & SPI Interface
  • On-Board Controller: ST7586S-G4 (or equivalent)
  • Power Supply: 3.3V
  • Standard Operating Temperature of -20°C to +70°C